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Dual Cart: Rice ATBP. (2 in 1 Food Cart, With Rice Meals)

Two Concepts in One Cart - P89,000.00

If you like to target more customers, you can choose to get a Rice ATBP foo cart. This is essentially a 2-in-1 food cart that lets you choose two concepts in one.

Rice ATBP is P89,000.00 to Start

With Rice ATBP, you can choose two among these concepts:

  • Heaven's Hamburger
  • Buko Fresh
  • Star Frappe
  • Pizza Delight
  • Chow Meals
  • Dimsum Temple
  • Sizzle Sisig
  • Gulaman Corner
  • Sip Fries

Or, you can fine tune your cart by choosing four different kinds of food items to sell. For example, siomai only, then gulaman, then sisig, then rice meals. This will give you more freedom to target your customers.

Inclusions are:
  • The use of Rice ATBP. trade name
  • A mini high end food cart (measures 7 ft x 4.5ft x 2.5 ft)
  • Equipment to operate your two chosen concepts (or four food items)
  • Complete set of uniform of one service crew (includes shirt, visor and hair net)
  • Starting products worth P5,000.00
  • Business and product orientation
    • Franchise seminar
    • Hands-on training for you and your crew
    • Concept manual
  • After-sales support

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